Bespoke industrial design

With over 17 years of experience behind it, Ad Astra Riga has come a long way from being a novice to a professional and an innovator in product and industrial design. Our specialists and engineers have all the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of packaging technologies, which allows us to find a solution for even most difficult tasks.
We provide a full range of services in the industrial design category of product packaging:

• generation of the concepts and ideas;
• creation of a sketch, 3D model visualisation, technical drawing;
• consultation on the feasibility of implementation, technological capabilities, manufacturability, labelling;
• offering the best cost option;
• solving technical, aesthetic and functional issues.

We are proud of our work, because we work efficiently, strictly on time, delivering the maximum for a given task.


One of the services that Ad Astra Riga provides is the creation of bespoke prototypes. Prototyping is an important part of any product creation. Everything that surrounds us was once designed, developed and prototyped, and then evaluated by specialists and only after that it hit the shelves.
It is difficult to assess the functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics of a product until you study the 3D model of the product from all angles. It is a full-fledged three-dimensional object that makes it possible to evaluate all the pros and cons of the future product from the point of view of a consumer, a designer, a technologist, a marketing specialist. The same goes for product packaging.

Making it real

One of our services during the project development is the creation of a 3D model based on a 2D image or sketch, according to the product volume, glass size and weight and other physical data. This data allows us to create photorealistic 3D glass renderings, 3D PDF files for presentation purposes and finally an industrial model with detailed technical drawings for production.

Seamless and realistic

The production of one-piece seamless photorealistic hollow plastic bottles and glasses is one of our practices. The models simulating glass or PET can be created. They can be filled with water based fluid and sealed using a real closure or its simulation.
Sizes range from 50 ml to 5 ltrs with the possibility of selecting different wall thicknesses depending on the material and the area of application of the product.
Models can be either crystal clear or tinted or of any color. Such models are suitable for concept testing, market research, photography, advertising, presentation, etc.