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Ad Astra Riga

Our Clients Are Famous

We are helping our clients to build strong and successful brands that customers’ brains link with life-saving, comfort-enhancing goals that they carry around in their deepest subconscious.
Let us explain how.
Experience from all kinds of human relationship raise million thoughts, of course, but the found answers give us an understanding of the most important question in this world – why?
We believe it’s just the same for brands. With our work as a company we invigorate brands in every detail as our belief is that successful brands make lasting impressions on us as a result of continual, positive moments of interaction.
To achieve this our tools are all that get into our horizon, whether it’s a film photo camera from late 70’s or the latest 3D modelling program update, a book, childhood’s dream, a chalk or a dialogue we’ve heard standing in the store’s queue.
We are humans and thats why we want to change things for the better through creativity.