Ad Astra Riga

Brand and product development company

About Us

Who we are

We are Riga based worldwide operating company with deep expertise in brand strategy, product design and development.

Our competence

  • Development of brands and their launch
  • Rebranding and repositioning
  • Design and development of products
  • Creation of visual identity and style for companies, brands and product lines
  • Development of creative concepts for brand and product campaigns.

Why to work with us

  • Focused specialisation
    • Brand Development and Product Design (NPD)
  • High level proprietary information confidentiality
    • Full in-house staff
  • Competitive price policy
  • Capacity
    • Midsize, resilient work-flow company
  • Proximity
    • No communication cues, approach as a client is as only one
  • Innovative
    • Cross-category thinking - new trends implicated from other categories
    • Cross-cultural thinking - multicultural team
  • Practitioners
    • Brand and accounting team with clients background
    • Day-to-day collaboration with leading packaging manufacturers
    • Marketing perspective in NPD
  • 100% up to date
    • Newest category know-how
    • Latest hardware and software design, modelling and workflow technologies.
Our competence