Table and mineral water.

The agency faced the task to redesign the product line of "Narochanskaya" drinking water in order to increase the product sales volume through better visibility on the shelf and standing out against the competitors. We started our work with the logo in which we visually reflected the origin of the water from a clear source - Narochansky National Park. We made the lettering as simple as possible so as to make the logo readable and noticeable. We intentionally avoided placing on the label a photo of the well-known panorama of Lake Narach in favour of a hand-drawn picture of a lake and a forest. In this way, the design is not overloaded with details and the main focus is on the logo. It is easy to remember and inextricably linked with the functional advantage of the product. The natural purity, freshness and healthy properties of "Narach" drinking water were reflected through the pattern of waves in the background of the labels, auxiliary texts and a pictogram with the depth of the well on the front side of the bottle. The continuity of the previous design of "Narochanskaya" drinking water is ensured by the Belarussian ornamental symbols.